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Night Phantoms. 1938.

by Imre Kinszki

Asturias, Spain, 1950s.

Photographer unknown.

A Legal Battle Over Vivian Maier’s Work.

More than 100,000 photographs taken by a mysterious nanny, declared to be among the most remarkable pictures of the 20th century, may be hidden from public view.

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Isabelle Jennings Aboard the Cressida, From Behind. 1932.

by Walker Evans

Una Traboule, 1950.

by Blanc & Demilly

Sheep shearing in Wales. 1951.

by Grace Robertson

West end, London, 1948.

by Grace Robertson

Seashore. England, 1952.

by Grace Robertson

Models in bathing suits, 1940s.

by Philippe Halsman

Yoron Island, Japan, 1961.

by Hiroji Kubota

Le Pont de Brooklyn, New York, 1982.

by Edouard Boubat

"The Cheapest Plane" 1920s.

by Alex Stöcker

Montée du Garillan, 1930-1932.

by Blanc & Demilly

Le mur de la prison de la Santé, Paris. 1970

by Edith Gerin

by Aurel Bauh