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Sceaux. June 1925.

by Eugéne Atget

Tragedy of Old Age. 1912.

by Lewis W. Hine

In the Lackawana Yards, Hoboken. 1910.

by Paul L. Anderson

Along the Shore. 1912.

by Karl Struss

Infinitude. 1910.

by Anne W. Brigman

Photographing from the Blackwell’s Island Bridge. 1910.


London, 1958-59.

by Sergio Larrain

Munich, 1957.

by Sabine Weiss

Lyon, 1950.

by Sabine Weiss


by Vivian Maier

First World War, Belgium. A French pilot makes a forced landing after a failed attack on German Zeppelin in Brussels, 1915. Soldiers are climbing the tree.


Marie Anne et Vincent. 1952.

by Willy Ronis

by Andok Tamás

Brooklyn Bridge. 1946.

by Arthur Leipzig

Quai de Saône en automne, vers 1930-1932.

by Blanc & Demilly