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by Aurel Bauh

Baño (Bath). Chiapas, México, 1950.

by Lola Álvarez Bravo.

Bir-Hakeim Bridge, Paris, 1972.

Prince Jérome (né en 1972) photographe

Sea of Tenderness. Oaxaca, Mexico. 1950s.

by Lola Álvarez Bravo

Le quartier de l’Europe sous la pluie.

by Jules Aarons

Napoli, Italy, 1956.

by Leonard Freed

Sunday in Keukenhof park. Netherlands, 1964.

by Leonard Freed

Central Park. New York City, 2011.

by Elliott Erwitt

"The Dominoes Players, Walls Unit, T.D.C." 1967.

by Danny Lyon

"Aquacade". Florida,1953.

by Philippe Halsman

Under Saturn. 2007.

by Keith Carter

Hungary, 1960’s-1970s.

by Dr. János Szász

More at his website

Thanks to Balázs Szász

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Montmartre, 1950s

by Jules Aarons

Shanghai, China, 1998.

by Sebastião Salgado

Statue of Louis XIV on Horse in Park in Lyon, France, 1930s.

by Blanc & Demilly