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Neighbors. Germany 1931.

by Herbert List

Berlin, 1955.

by Herbert Tobias

Children Playing with Stacks of Money. Weimar, Germany. 1910s-1920s -

The reason…

Düsseldorf, 1956.

by Dirk Alvermann

Bavaria. Aschaffenburg. West Germany, 1962.

by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Onlookers watching a football game, 1952.

by Toni Schneiders

At the Zoo. Germany, 1936.

by Friedrich Seidenstücker

View from Schwarzwassertal after Diedamskopf, 1930s.

by Paul Wolff and Alfred Tritschler

Germany, 1930s.

by Dr. Paul Wolff

Volkswagen Factory, 1953.

by Peter Keetman

Kreuzung Hohe Strasse / Gürzenichstrasse, 1928.

by Werner Mantz

Kaufhaus in Frankfurt/M. 1953-1954.

by Herbert Tobias

Tunnel of women’s legs, Truempy Dance School, Berlin, Germany, 1932.

by Alfred Eisenstaedt

Frankfurt, 1930s.

by Dr. Paul Wolff

Descending the Rhine River, Germany, 1956.

by Henri Cartier-Bresson